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The Boatyard Distillery is situated on the banks of Lough Erne, County Fermanagh, North West Ireland. Boatyard is Fermanagh’s first legal distillery since 1890. Our story began with a dream in 2013 when our founder, Joe McGirr, imagined returning home to his native Enniskillen. Joe grew up on a nearby dairy farm, and the McGirr family are always a part of what Boatyard does. The distillery takes its name from the disused Boatyard it built on. It makes us unique as a distillery, as visitors can arrive just as easily by boat as they can by car.

From that original vision of creating a gin perfect for Martini’s, with a double hit of juniper to stand up in a G&T, Boatyard finds itself in a position where it has attracted top industry professionals to help growth. Now being used by many of the finest bartenders around the world, this endorsement is leading us to Boatyard being available on multiple shelves globally in a retail environment. Our goal is, to be the leading Irish gin distillery making sustainable spirits while giving our team their best possible adventure.  The team have measured themselves by becoming the first B Corp certified distillery in Ireland in February 2023.


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