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About Micil Distillery

Micil Distillery is named in honour of our great-great-great grandfather, Micil Mac

Chearra, who began distilling poitín in 1848 on a Connemara hillside. For six generations

and over 170 years our family have preserved the craft, distilling extraordinary spirits

made using family recipes, craft knowledge and time-honoured techniques.

In 2020 we commenced whiskey production at Micil, laying down Galway’s first legal

spirit in over a century. While our own whiskey matures we’ve released a series of Micil

Whiskeys, using spirit sourced, finished and independently bottled by Micil, and inspired

by the historical ‘fuisce’ distilling traditions of Galway City and Connemara. Finished in

our own casks, these whiskeys reflect the style of ‘Galway Whiskey’ that we’re reviving at

Micil, and are a small taste of what’s to come

Micil Distillery will be offering samples of:

Inverin Small Batch

Inverin Small Batch Cask Strength

Earls Island

Earls Island Cask Strength

Madiera Island (May 22 Release)

Heritage Poitín

A few under the counter samples.

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The Celtic Whiskey Shop are organisers of Whiskey Live Dublin and the Irish Whiskey Awards. The shop was founded in 2003 and has become the favourite place for Irish Whiskey lovers around the world.

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