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A whiskey like no other from a place like no other. Clonakilty. It takes something of a maverick spirit, to turn the idea of building a craft distillery, into a reality. A spirit you’ll find here in Clonakilty. Out here, people do things their own way. Like the Scully family - farming here for nine generations. Taking the considered view that Irish whiskey could be improved, by harnessing natural elements in a unique and more sustainable way. So they did just that. Building a distillery. Growing their own barley on land where the salty air and soft rain infuse every grain. Combining malted and unmalted barley. Triple-distilling the whiskey. Maturing it in oak casks, exposed to the Atlantic air. The result: a premium, award-winning whiskey with notes of vanilla, salted caramel and toasted nuts, with a sweet, full-bodied character and a long, enduring finish. Balanced. Distinctive. Authentic. Ask anyone in Clonakilty how they did all this, they’ll keep you talking all day. Ask why, and they’ll simply say, “It’s in our nature”.


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